Our Team

Nader Tabesh - CEO

Nader Tabesh

Nader Tabesh executive director of Angel Food Services is a red seal Chef and has been in the health care industry for more than a decade. He believes that serving residents is a great privilege and a great responsibility, and his team is focused on meeting each resident’s unique needs. Angel Food Services has developed a philosophy that is ‘resident focused’.

Sean Rogers

Born and raised in the northeast of England, Sean’s love of food started in his own kitchen at home growing up. With homemade meals on the table every night, (never allowed to get take-out!), he was tasked with helping prepare the meals. This led to a deep passion for creating new dishes and set him on a culinary path that would find him working in some top establishments throughout the United Kingdom and Canada.

Soon after graduating from Chelmsford Culinary College, he took a position working in celebrity chef Gary Rhodes’ kitchen. Many long hours and hard work saw him raise in the ranks to achieve his position as Executive Head Chef throughout England and Scotland.

In 2004, he made his way to Canada to take up the position of Executive Sous Chef at the Wedgewood Hotel in Vancouver, BC. He held this position for three years before returning to his home county of Yorkshire to lead a team in one of England’s top rated luxury hotels, Swinton Park.

Sean Rogers, Chef instructor
Stella Buttner, N.M.

Stella Buttner, NM

Stella has been working in the food industry for over 30 years, since training in Food Service Management in Ontario. She is a member of Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers and the Pacific Society of Nutrition Managers. Stella has worked in 3 provinces in various roles including hospitals, local community centers, long term care, she even had her own successful catering company for many years. Her love of food started in England where her parents, grandparents and even a great grandmother always had delicious homegrown food on the table. When not at work you can find Stella creating dishes at home for her family and out on the local trails walking her energetic dogs.

Pamela Lima, NM

Pamela is a member of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers and the Pacific Society of Nutrition Managers. She has been a food service supervisor or manager since 2017.

Pamela holds a bachelor degree in Dietetics from Federal University of São Paulo – Brazil, where she was a researcher. Her focus was researching the eating habits based on the Brazilian food guide for all age groups. She also did her internship in Public Health, Clinical Nutrition, and Food Management. Before her bachelor degree in Nutrition she used to be an IT professional, but she decided to pursue her passion for food and people. She also was a volunteer teacher of Biology for four years and loves to get involved in volunteer initiatives. When not at work you can find Pamela listening to music, playing with her small dog Zoe or reading about Health & Food.

Pamela Lima, N.M.
Mariany Abreu, N.M.

Mariany Abreu, NM

Mariany is a Certified Nutrition Manager by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM), with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and a Post-Degree Diploma in Gerontology from the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. She has experience working alongside a multidisciplinary team, assisting elderly patients with chronic and acute medical conditions and palliative care. Caring and helping seniors and their families became her professional main goal. She believes that providing nutritional adequate meals to seniors in a healthy and clean environment is a great opportunity to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

Natalie Ma, RD

Natalie’s passion is nutrition education at every stage in life. Before working in long term care homes across metro Vancouver, she worked with elementary school teachers and children aged 6-12 to build a foundation in food and nutrition across BC schools.

Natalie believes in nutrition education for staff to promote a teamwork approach to resident care and also for self-care. In addition, she enjoys being able to offer personalized nutrition expertise to residents directly.